7 Tips to Keep Your New Garden Healthy

How to care for your new garden

Landscaping is a long-term investment that brings value and style to any property. Here are our top tips for caring for your new garden so that it doesn’t just survive, it thrives!


If you’ve invested in high-quality, natural turf you’ll want to know how soon you should mow it. We recommend waiting 4-6 weeks after it has been installed. When you first mow, adjust your mower to a high setting and catch the clippings.


The first two weeks after installing a new garden or lawn are the most important! To help your plants establish themselves and thrive, we recommend you give them a good soaking once a day. You should aim to do this first thing in the morning for the first two weeks, then slowly fade back. 


For the first 4-6 weeks after installing new grass, you should spray it to prevent lawn bugs infesting your new grass. You should also spray between October – March to keep them away.


The most common lawn disease in QLD is Leaf Spot. To treat this you can purchase a fungicide from Bunnings or your local Garden Centre. Follow the instructions recommended by the brand you buy.


Mulch creates a protective layer in your garden. We recommend you lay mulch on your gardens every 3-4 months to preserve weeds and keep soil moist.


Pruning is essential in keeping your plants and trees healthy and for nurturing them into desired shapes. You should aim to prune your plants 6-12 months after establishment. Start with a light cutting first to see how your plants respond. Always use clean tools to prune your plants, cleaning in between use to stop the spread of pests and disease.

Weed Control

Depending on the type of turf used, you will need to select an appropriate Herbicide. Certain types can pin point certain weeds, such as Nutgrass & Wintergrass. Check with your local Garden Centre for the most suitable Herbicide for your lawn.

Our Promise

We have years of experience working directly with Home Owners, Builders, Investors, Developers, Body Corporate and Councils. No matter the size of the project, we deliver fast, reliable service every time, on-time.

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Fast & Effective

We get the job done to the highest quality first time round, eliminating the need for call backs. When you work with Godden Landscaping you get comprehensive service – you only have to deal with one company for landscaping, fencing and irrigation.

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Highest Quality

We use superior quality plants and exclusive materials, meaning our landscapes don’t just survive, they thrive. We are committed to 100% satisfaction which is why we have a network of trusted suppliers that can source even the most unusual materials.

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Versatile & Experienced

Our fully-qualified horticulturists and reliable tradespeople have experience with different styles. Whether you’re looking for Tropical, Native, Contemporary or something completely unique, we have the expertise to enhance the aesthetics of gardens and make optimal use of space.

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Solutions for All

We understand a lot goes into a complete landscape design, which is why we offer finance. We also meet for council inspections on behalf of clients, design covenant approved plans and can organise reliable contractors for outdoor lighting and tree removal.

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